NX250 wheel swap

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NX250 wheel swap

Beitrag von scrambler » Mi Jul 26, 2017 6:50 am

The 16/19’’ wheels are fine for low seat height but the tire selection, especially for off road use is very limited. For that reason larger wheels are a common tune-up. But one should consider that the NX has a very short wheel base and only 87mm front wheel trail (something no other bike except maybe scooters got). That's why the NX is extremely handy, but if you lower the front or heighten the rear, the NX will become unstable at higher speed. No fun, really - the handlebar sometimes shakes so badly that it’s hard to control. That’s why I always try to maintain the original balance.
For example my own N(i)X-MOTO - the smaller front tire (100/90-17) was compensated with a longer (and thicker) NX650 fork and everything is fine :D

Front wheel alternatives

The 240mm brake disc of the NX250 is Honda’s offroad standard, so potentially, many Honda 21'' wheels may be adapted. The front wheels of the XL350/600R will fit plug and play. The XR250/400/600 hubs (not XR650L which got an NX650 hub) are identical, but the axle diameter is larger. So with NX250 bearings, seals and collar a XR wheel should also fit.

The speedo will read a bit off, due to the larger wheel. It's not much but you can take the speedo gear of a XL350/600 or NX650

Rear wheel alternatives

There is only one rear 17‘‘wheel that will fit plug and play: the 84-87 XL250R and XL350R wheel http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/h ... 0-000.html , but you should use the NX250 cushdrive and brake panel http://advrider.com/index.php?threa...a ... st-8142712 . Earlier XL250, XL600R or XR600 got different hubs and won't fit.

And something else: make sure that the brake drum is ok - most got little cracks download/file.php?id=447&mode=view which lead to deceleration near nil (same applies to the NX drums).

Since the XL250R rim is somewhat too narrow anyway (2.15-17) for a 120/90-17 the wider XL600r (or other DID rims with 36 spokes) rim (2.50-17) can be laced to the NX250 hub. The spokes are custom made (stainless steel), because there are no OEM spokes that will fit. But any wheel builder can do the job and usually the custom spokes are cheaper than OEM.

The XL250 degree however has an even better solution with 18/21’’ wheels.


There are lots of KTM or XL (the old xl250/500s) 18'' DID rims on Ebay, which may be fitted with new spokes (36) to the NX hub. I actually like the 18” with a 110/80 - 18 better than a 120/90-17 or 130/80-17 (somewhat smaller diameter and better in terms of weight and handling). The bike to the right got a 110/80-18, to the left a 120/90-17.


On my 2016 project “KTN(-ixie)II I used a XL600R front wheel and a KTM DID 2.50-18 rim on a NX250 Hub.


With a larger rear wheel the already a bit too long secondary transmission should be shortened. The easeit way is to use a 12th front sprocket - just make sure to get the ones from the CRF250L (JTF1321-12 viewtopic.php?f=20&t=377
. A rear sprocket with 45 teeth would also work, but then you need a chain with two more links.

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Re: NX250 wheel swap

Beitrag von Petrus » Mi Aug 02, 2017 5:41 pm

Great information, as usual!

I was looking for a 17’ rear wheel and found nothing here so I decided to buy the expensive Continental TrailWing. A few days later found a rear wheel (and tire) from a XL 350 for the same price! Grrrrrr :evil: :evil: :evil:

So, imho, it depends how much you want to spend with your NX and what are you going to do with the bike: If you plan to do some more off-road use... change both wheels is the way but now you have to change front mudguard and so on.... :oops:

If your bike is just a commuter and you are on low budget (like me) update rear and front suspension, buy the expensive tires from Continental, Pirelli… and just enjoy your little thumper. :mrgreen:


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