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Honda NX 250 Gear Indicator (looking for a Plug & Play)

Verfasst: Mi Nov 28, 2018 10:16 pm
von estebangc

I would like to install a gear indicator to the NX 250. Has anybody done it? Do you have a recommendation?

I found that there is a plug & play system branded as “Idea” which very good reviews in Amazon (easy and reliable). There is a version that is intended for “Old Honda motorcycles” (= Honda Vieux Modèles), but the plug seems very different to the NX 250 CDI (please correct me if I'm wrong).
611KUDUDqgL._SL1001_.jpg ... 49M7Q&th=1

The list of compatible models is not shown in Amazon.DE, but it appears in Amazon.FR: ... B06XZ49M7Q

Application: motos Honda EFI
Modèles applicables :
CBR600F3 (1995-1998), CBR600F4 (1999-2006), CBR600F (2001-2008), CBR600FS (2001-2003), CBR900RR Fireblade (1995-2003), CBR919RR Fireblade (1996-1999), CBR929RR (2000-2001), CBR954RR (2002-2003), CBR1100XX Blackbird (1996-2008), CB1100SF X-11 (1999-2004), 599 Hornet (2003-2006), CB600F Hornet (2003-2006), 919 Hornet (2002-2008), CB900F Hornet (2002-2008), CB600S Hornet (2000-2002), CB1300S/F (1998-2002), CBF600 (2004-2007), GL1800 Goldwing (2001-2004), VFR750 (1994-1997), VFR800 Interceptor (1998-2005), CB400 (2001-2005), VTR1000F FireStorm/SuperHawk (1997-2005), RVT1000R RC51 (2000-2006), VTR1000 SP1/SP2 (2000-2006),ST1300 Pan European (2002-2007), VT125C Shadow (1999-2009), X-4 (1997-2003), XL125V Varadero (2001-2006), XL1000V Varadero (1999-2002)

Well, the CBR600F3 (1995-98) certainly has carburettors, not EFI engine, so I guess the point it to have a CDI, as the NX 250.

But if you check the “plug” in the newer models, it resembles much more to the CDI plug in the newer models, at least the plug that goes direct to the CDI.
Any thoughts? Have you tried any other?

I asked the question in Amazon and hope that I will have an answer from the seller, but wanted to ask and share the information here.

Thanks in advance and take care,


Re: Honda NX 250 Gear Indicator (looking for a Plug & Play)

Verfasst: Mi Dez 05, 2018 12:49 am
von estebangc
I read that apparently you need a "diagnostic plug". The indicator cable would connect there (not to the CDI).

Does the NX 250 have diagnostic plug?

Vielen Dank,


I found this add on These plugs?
Faisceau-electrique-HONDA-NX-250-NX250-_57 (1).jpg

Re: Honda NX 250 Gear Indicator (looking for a Plug & Play)

Verfasst: Mi Dez 05, 2018 9:50 am
von Helmut
Hi Esteban,
in order to plugandplay your indicator, modern engine electronic is required. Not just a fitting plastic connector.
This is why the add in Amazon wants to see EFI.
And even when your vehicle has EFI, it is still not guaranteed that the indicator will work.
You are trying to put a brand-new toy on a bike that is way to old.